Haiku & Tanka


walk slower,

the soles will last longer

so will you!




outside bus window

blurred images rushing past

inside, stillness ...




between two hills

and five mountains of Rinzai

I count my breath ...




and I asked my friend

when she was still full of life

to choose a lush tree

I can remember her by

one I can hug and tend to ...




the poet, "tonight ...

I want to fling myself at

the starry blue heavens above ...




I am no one

as no one as the numerous

stars above ...




nobody knew

when the sea retreated today

none had the patience ...




young disciple asks,

"what is the pace of life?"

trees do not know ...




Three Shakespeare-ku


sweet red rose

thy breath doe I inhale

and petals I caress ...


rose, sweet rose

thy fading curling lips

draw spring to an end ...


O gentle bud!

how much thou hast ripen'

whilst I slumber'd ...




she sends me e-mail

but in her heart, she wants to throw

peebles at my window ...




my good friend's advice,

look for a woman you can

sit in silence with ...





bowl of broth cupped
  in my palms grow colder,
     even I cannot
       keep myself warm these days
        let alone this bowl ...

and what would whipping
   up my pulse do but usher
     me to the grave faster!
       quick heartbeats alone cannot
         warm a bowl, not at this age ...

the only thing left
   is to swallow the scolding
     of mother to child,
      "Hurry, drink your soup
          before they get cold!"

alas! I arrive
  in diaphers, and I leave
     in diaphers,
        not to mention my
          toothless chuckle .....!


who mourns

 the departing fog?

     the dew, the dew ...




two hours east of me

she ushers in a new day

with a blissful dream




early spring

raindrops streaming down window

when did I last cry ...?




her parched lips grey

I kiss her cold forehead

for the last time ....




why do I keep this

 eucalyptus twig that has

   lost its fragrance ...?